Sunday, January 8, 2006

Five weird things about me

Having been duly tagged by The Surly Beaver, I am pleased to relate five weird things about me, for the general edification of anyone who cares:
  • My wife married me. All her friends consider this weird. Just ask them.
  • I love watching Pride and Prejudice - the A&E version is always in our DVD. I cried at the wedding part. Once.
  • I am a math wiz, and enjoy playing around with old cipher systems and inventing new ones. Large prime numbers excite me.
  • I almost died of pneumonia when I was 13.
  • It's not unusual for a man's mind to drift into fantasy. Mine are all about my wife. My friends say that's weird. Which causes me to wonder who they're fantasizing about....
Everyone has just about been tagged by this, so I'm tagging...anyone who hasn't been. Go for it.

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