Friday, May 11, 2007

SSPX in the Jewel of Victoria, BC

The Society of Saint Pius X in Canada holds monthly services in the historic St. Ann's Academy in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. I had the pleasure of visiting this historic landmark, officially deconsecrated by the Roman Catholic Church after Vatican II but preserved by the BC Government as a historical site.

The chapel has often been referred to as "The Heart of St. Ann’s". For the Sisters, their lives as Postulants and Novices began in the chapel, and ended there, when they passed away. For students, it was a place of beauty and music, that put them on their best behaviour. Many of the girls received their first Holy Communion there. The chapel became part of St. Ann’s in 1886, when it was added on to the newly built wing of the school and Convent. However, the history of the chapel begins long before that date.

Please enjoy my photos!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dad vs. Puberty: Part 1

Actual conversation with my 12 year old son:

Dad, boys like to look at girls’ apples, don’t they?


You know…their apples.

Uhhh…son, do you mean melons?

Yeah, that’s it – their melons.

Son, it’s normal for you to be attracted to girl’s body, but it is rude to refer to body parts that way. They’re called breasts, not melons.

OK Dad.



Yes son.

Mom’s are more like apples though, aren’t they?