Sunday, March 12, 2006

Your Parish might be really liberal if...

Your Parish might be left wing if…

  • The Pastor often speaks in glowing terms about how our “Protestant friends worship”
  • Notwithstanding what the Congregation for Divine Worship has to say about it, the Sacred Vessels are wicker baskets lined with napkins
  • A healthy supply of Christian Peacemaker Team envelopes and propaganda are available at the end of each Mass
  • The Stations of the Cross are “contemporary” versions; photographs of police beating back demonstrators in Latin America and Vietnam war protestors replace scenes of Christ and His cross
  • The church building looks like an insurance company office building; there is no crucifix
  • The RCIA program teaches that the Catholic Church scares away too many converts because of our “worship” of Mary and “misunderstanding” of confession
  • In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Priest does not actually “give” absolution for sins – the Sacrament merely “celebrates” the fact that God forgives sins as soon as you regret them
  • The processional crucifix is a “Risen Christ” (the one that looks like an action figure jumping off the cross)
  • The Pastor declines to bless water because “all water is already Holy”
  • Homilies often refer to the “future role” women will play in the Catholic Church, and the need for marriage to embrace “all love”

Yes, very witty, etc. The problem is that I have actually described pretty much my home Parish. As a neophyte convert, I am troubled by the idea of, well, making trouble for the Parish, my son or myself. Even though all these things strike me as wrong to some degree, it also occurs to me that as Johnny-come-lately I shouldn’t be questioning the guidance of a Pastor with so much experience and who is, frankly, a wonderful and kind man.

So…how have others handled this?

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