Friday, January 12, 2007

Dumbest Quote by a University Professor. Ever.

Gagged over this quote by Toronto law professor and author Kent Roach in this morning's Star:

"Some of it may be this failure of imagination or empathy for many Canadians to put themselves in Omar Khadr's shoes. Some of it may be the unpopularity of the family in general and I think some of it is probably related to the fact that he's alleged to have killed an American medic," Roach said yesterday.

Gee, ya think? You need a law degree to figure this stuff out?

Sorry, "professor", but I hardly regard it to be a personal character failing that I can’t put myself in the shoes of a raving fanatic lobbing hand grenades at an ally’s soldiers in a criminal foreign insurgency. And I won’t be crying a river if all of his ilk meet their end with a short drop and sudden stop.

Intervening on behalf of these jokers would only confirm what many of us already suspect – that aside from being an occasional
get-out-of-a-hellhole-free card, Canadian citizenship is as about as valuable as Canadian Tire money.

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