Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Murder Bias

Why is it then when a man commits murder-suicide the media (quite rightly) don’t immediately start lamenting about his problems or mental health issues, but instead focus on the innocent victims of his heinous criminal act – usually his wife and children. When a woman commits exactly the same evil crime, however, everyone suddenly becomes a pop psychologist and trips all over themselves trying to hand her a harp and strap a pair of wings on her.

The media’s collective mind is so open to every mitigating theory of the crime, brains are falling out all over TV. Just look at the language being used to describe this killing: the baby wasn’t thrown off the bridge, they “plunged” or even worse he “jumped with his mother.” It wasn’t even a murder at all in most reports, but a “tragedy”, as if they’d been killed in a traffic accident or something. Not a single article appears without some kind of authoritative quotes from medical experts about depression, despite the fact that they know as much about these two people and their circumstances as you and I – not a bloody thing.

So you will please excuse me for offering this nowhere-else-to-be-found alternate theory of this week’s latest murder-suicide-by-mother: Maybe she was just an evil, murdering, twisted killer who’s choking back the flames in that special corner of Hell reserved for parents who betray the ultimate trust bestowed upon them.

The true facts will become known in the coming days, weeks and months. But until they are known, the above theory is just as supported by the known evidence as all the crap filling our morning papers.

And until we know differently, I will pray for Sunna Genua. He’s the little boy murdered this week by his mommy.

As for his mother…I will defer to His perfect judgement in such matters.

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