Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Surrender Monkey for PM?

Stephane Dion thinks there is nothing wrong with the Prime Minister of Canada being a foreign national. Stephene Dion, the self-styled nationalist, refuses to dispense with a foreign citizenship.

Either Stephane Dion is stupid, or he thinks we are. Does this man seriously not understand the most elementary concept of citizenship? A citizen owes a legal and fiduciary obligation to the nation affording him citizenship, period. When present in a country of which he is a citizen, he becomes subject to all of the requirements demanded by that citizenship from time to time.

Conscription. Tax laws. Laws pertaining to treason, sedition, political activity – everything. And folks, the French (unlike Canada) take their citizenship very seriously. Just ask all those car-burning Islamic guest workers.

Election slogan? Easy – “Vote for the Canadian”

Dion. Is. Toast.

It’s over baby….

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