Friday, December 9, 2005

I'm glad Ibbitson said it and not me...

...or I'd be called a racist for sure. On the heels of Toronto's Black community "outing" itself as the source and substance of the recent shootings, Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson penned quite the missive today.

Love to link it, but the Globe and Frail has the funny idea that you should pay for the privilege of reading their rag. Go figure. Anyway, Ibbitson called on the federal government to stem gun crime by - ahem - looking more closely at immigration from Jamaica to ensure that prospective arrivals do not display the risk factors associated with poor assimilation and a propensity for criminal behaviour. Those risk factors being what the Black community itself has already identified: babies born to teen girls as trophies, being raised by 25 year old grandmothers in fatherless households that lack cohesion or any sense of responsibility.

Several years ago, then police commander Julian Fantino released stats that showed Blacks accounted for just 11% of Toronto's Jane/Finch area, but 80% of its crime. Naturally, math was racist too. So much for the "systemic discrimination" of our criminal justice system being proven by over-representation of Blacks in jail: if they account for 80% of the crime, you would expect to see them filling 80% of the prison cells.

There are plenty of Christian, Jamaican families that could contribute to Canadian society, but lets leave the gangsta wannabies on the island, shall we?

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