Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Quick - let's build even more community centres!

In light of the recent mass murder attempt on Toronto's Yonge Street yesterday, allow me to make a few, really daring predictions:
  • All the guilty parties will be black males. All of them.
  • They will be in gangs.
  • They will come from broken families allowed to immigrate here by Liberal governments.
  • The usual suspects will cite the usual "root causes": systemic racism, lack of opportunity, white bias in the educational system; the suspects will not be named as being accountable for their actions.
  • Mayor Miller will announce that we need even more funding for community centres.
  • Prime Minister Martin will call for strengthened gun laws.
  • No one will spend more than three actual years in jail for their role in the shootings.

Can we talk about targeting immigration that strengthens the country, instead of tearing it apart yet? How about limiting the use of the Charter to garner exemptions from mandatory sentencing laws on a case-by-case basis, as is now the preferred method for circumventing the will of Parliament?

No? OK, how many more dead are needed until we can? I'm sorry to say it, but Liberal governments are killing us. Just killing us.

Let me reveal the only, true "root cause" of crime: CRIMINALS!

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