Sunday, December 18, 2005

Support Character in Parliament: Back this Independent

I've written about Bev Desjarlais before; she's the former NDP MP kicked out of caucus and stripped of her nomination in this election for opposing same-sex marriage (SSM) in the recent free vote. By "free vote" I mean free for anyone other than the anti-democratic NDP, which despite its huffing and puffing over the democratic deficit clearly doesn't wish to soil its hands with democracy at the caucus level. But I digress.

Bev has served her Manitoba constituents well for three terms, but now faces a tough three-way race against a provincial cabinet minister's daughter running for her former party, and Tina Keeper (former star of North of 60) for the Liberals. Those of us in the fight against SSM called on MPs from all parties to show character by voting their conscience and doing the right thing.

Bev did that. Now she may be out of a job. How can we ask MPs to show character, then walk away when they do? Well, now it's our turn to show character: cut her a cheque. Today. By all means, as good Tories cut another to this fine fellow carrying our standard in Chruchill, but given local dynamics the best, realistic hope for Parliament lies with denying this seat to the Liberals and NDP and placing it firmly in the hands of Independent MP Bev Desjarlais.

Any donation under $200 will keep your name out of it as far as the candidate's reported contributions are concerned, and any donation under $400 earns you a 75% tax rebate. A $100 donation costs you just $25, so get out the cheque book and send anything you can afford to:
Bev Desjarlais Campaign
c/o Leslie Ellsworth, Official Agent
64 Partridge Cres.
Thompson, MB R8N 1A2
(make cheque payable to "Bev Desjarlais Campaign")

Character is always worth supporting. Merry Christmas everyone.

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